Moving to Indonesia to Live, Study, Volunteer, Work or do Business?

You will get so much more out of living here if you can speak Indonesian!

Be able to speak Indonesian from the moment you arrive.

Moving to Indonesia to Study?

Formal and Informal Indonesian languages are very different from each other.

Learn the Indonesian that people speak with each other,
then the formal language for speeches and presentations.


Coming to Indonesia to Work or Intern?

Don't wait until you arrive to start learning Bahasa Indonesia!

Learn at your own pace and be ready to speak when you arrive.

Doing Business in Indonesia?

Connect with colleagues and business contacts inside and outside of the office.

Learn the language of business and negotiation, as well as vocabulary specific to your field.

Moving to Indonesia to Volunteer or Work in Rural Areas?

Formal and Informal Indonesian are very different from each other.

Learn the Indonesian that people speak with each other, then the formal language for speeches and presentations.

“Learning Indonesian language online has never been so fun,
while being so effective!”

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Why Learn Indonesian Language Online with Speaking Indonesian @ Cinta Bahasa?

Private or Group Classes

Learn on your own, with your partner or friend, or gather 3 or more friends together and learn as a group. Prices listed below are for Private Courses, Group Courses are cheaper.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Preparing to relocate is often a busy time. Schedule your classes for times of the day when you’re not so busy and you’ll learn so much more quickly, and have a lot more fun!

Flexible Learning Schedule

Arrange your Bahasa Indonesia Lessons Online and set your own schedule and learn on the days and times that are right for you. 

Professionally-Trained Indonesian Language Teachers

Starting with 1 teacher in 2011, we’ve quickly grown to 15 smart, talented, educated, professionally-trained, full-time career Indonesian Language Teachers.

We train them for 3-months full-time in our special methodology of teaching Indonesian Language to foreigners before they start teaching.

Online Indonesian Language Learning Materials

As we have developed our own methodology for teaching Bahasa Indonesia online, we have developed our own textbooks and online learning materials to help you to learn as fast as possible, and to continue learning and growing on your own.

Every student receives our specially-designed textbook for their level, flashcard app and additional online self-learning materials.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia Online - Then visit us!

In addition to our online Indonesian learning center, we also have our live courses. Many of our clients who have learned Online with us have come to visit us in Bali to meet their teacher in person, and perhapscontinue learning with their teacher in person. The course fees are the same!

Real Indonesian Language School

Yayasan Cinta Bahasa Indonesia is a legally-registered, tax-paying Indonesian Language School in Bali that opened in 2011.

Over 4,500+ Satisfied Students!

Student Referrals

Word of mouth spread fast, and soon we had students asking to learn with us from many countries around the world! See our Students’ Testimonials!

What Is It Like to Learn a Language Online?

Group Beginner Online Courses Starting Soon
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Testimonials From 3 of More Than 100 Online Students…

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my online classes with Daniel!

Daniel was a fantastic teacher – he was very patient, good at listening, knowledgeable, & we discussed a lot of different and interesting topics !

The internet connection to the school was also excellent which made learning online easy…. I think maybe even better than being in the same room as we could read from the same document on the computer while facing the camera.

I would highly recommend online classes to students who would like to learn & practice speaking Indonesian with an expert teacher, if overseas or not able to travel to the school. We covered informal language and some grammar (in a good way).

Terima kasih Mas Daniel dan Cinta Bahasa!!


Marianne Doyle

Cinta Bahasa is a great place to learn Indonesian either virtually, as I did for 5 months, or live, as I did recently in a 2 week intensive course. Both teachers I studied with were expert instructors, and both with fun and lively personalities that make learning fun.

I started with Daniel online, once a week. Daniel gets students speaking and learning right away with an easygoing style. He was very receptive to my learning style and quickly adapted to teaching me in a way that I find most effective. He was a joy to learn with. Then I got a chance to go to Bali and take a two-week intensive course with Novi, and finally meet Daniel whom I had only known through Skype.

For anyone interested in learning Indonesian, who does not live in Indonesia, I highly recommend getting your beginner skills down first through private, online Skype lessons. Then, a week or two intensive class at Cinta Bahasa is a great way to solidify your skills. I very much enjoyed not only all the wonderful instruction, but the wonderful staff and owners who take great pride in providing expert language instruction.

Rachel Meyer

CEO, ABC Languages School Inc.

“I had about 36 hours online Skype lessons with Winda and I enjoyed it very much. She was always friendly to me, for her it was in the afternoon, and for me early morning in Belanda (the Netherlands). Thank you for the good lessons you teach me.

Then when I arrived in Bali, every morning in two weeks I walked to Little Tree in Kuta to meet Trias for lessons. It was always a good start of the day to meet her to learn Indonesian language.

Thank you for the many conversations, I learned a lot about the language and also from Bali/Indonesia and their tradition. Terima kasih.”

Gerrill Brit

All Students Receive our Rapid-Learning Vocabulary App!

(Included Free in Every Course, of course!)


Rapid Learning

Our app is scientifically-designed to help you learn vocabulary the fastest way possible.

Spaced Repetition

Our app delivers to you the words you need to see in order to keep them in memory.


Hear the Correct Pronounciation!

Hear every word pronounced correctly as you view it on your computer screen.

Build Your Own Vocabulary

Learning new words? Great! Add them to the mobile app and access them on your computer.

Indonesian is the easiest to learn of the 10 most widely spoken languages in the world.
If you make good use of the additional learning materials that we provide,
you will progress as quickly as you can learn vocabulary.

Read about our unique teaching methodology
which our students agree is the fastest way
ever devised to learn a language.

Your Teachers

Tony Surya

Our Senior Teacher Tony Surya taught Indonesian language at the Indonesian Exchange Language Center in Perth for four years, and has been teaching in Ubud for the past 8 years. As a musician, songwriter and poet for the past 25 years, Tony loves language and the arts. Fluent in English, he is also a translator and interpreter. Tony specializes in teaching Families, as well as in teaching through conversation and music, and strengthening Indonesian grammar in Intermediate and Advanced level students.

Hana Andriana

Hana Andriana graduated from the Faculty of Education of Mahasaraswati University in Denpasar as an English Language teacher. During this time, she taught English and Sunday School from at the Church in Ubud and is continuing her education to earn a Master’s Degree in English Language Education at the Ganesha University of Education in Denpasar. Learning to teach Indonesian Language, not just to Indonesians but to foreigners has taught her the importance of everyone to be proficient in each other’s languages, but to love their own.

Yasa (Made Sumadiyasa)

Our Teacher Made Sumadiyasa , also known as Yasa, earned his degree in Indonesian Language in 2006 from Ganesha University in Singaraja. For the past few years, he taught Bahasa Indonesia at the Gandhi Memorial International School to students from Grades 6-12, both the International Baccalaureate (IB) as well as the IGCSE International Standards.

Winda Mahayanti

Our Teacher Winda Mahayanti graduated with a degree in Education from IKIP PGRI in Bali. Born into a family of educators, both her parents are Primary School teachers, and teaching has been her hobby since she was in school. Winda teaches Small-Group Beginner Course, Private Courses and Online Courses. Winda is a popular teacher both with adults and younger learners in Middle and High School who come to us, mainly from Australia, to learn the language more thoroughly.

Dewi (Ni Nyoman Kurniadewi)

Ni Nyoman Kurniadewi or just “Dewi” graduated with a degree in English Language Education from Ganesha University in 2011. After graduation, she worked at a national plus school, teaching English to local students. She followed her parents’ footsteps to becoming a teacher, but it was after starting teaching with Cinta Bahasa that this became her passion. She wants to keep teaching because she feels this is the best way for her to keep learning.

Dewa (Dewa Gede Agung Oka Sukawati)

Our Teacher Dewa Gede Agung Oka Sukawati was born in Klungkung to the east of Bali. Motivated by his parents to become a teacher, he also studied Tourism and English language at University. He started teaching in a hospitality vocational school for several years, as well as working with a shipping Cruise Line for a few years before returning home to continue his passion for teaching by joining Cinta Bahasa.

Daniel Prasatyo

Our Senior Teacher Daniel Prasatyo is Cinta Bahasa’s Academic Advisor. Originally from Yogyakarta, Java, finds his passion in teaching Bahasa Indonesia, language and writing. He started teaching Indonesian Language to foreigners in 2007, working his way up from beginner’s to advanced levels, and then becoming the Academic Director of one of the top Indonesian Language Schools in Yogyakarta. He trained many, many teachers to become expert Language Instructors, as well as constructing the syllabus for the courses at his school. He has also been involved as interpreter and translator in several international events with major organizations.

Trias Susanti

Our Teacher Trias Susanti earned her degree in Indonesian Literature at Udayana University in Bali.  Trias has a big passion for the Indonesian language and culture and loves teaching Indonesian language to foreigners. Her hobbies are writing fiction and poetries and she is very active in writing on her online private blog. She coordinates Cinta Bahasa’s branches in Sanur and Canggu, and creating a comfortable, encouraging, interactive and fun atmosphere is her preferred approach in teaching.

Della Pradewi

Della Pradewi started teaching years before graduating from Udayana University in 2012. She teachers Beginner Group, and Private / Online Classes from Beginner to Intermediate.

Your Course and Fee Options

20 Hours - A Basic Introduction to the Indonesian Language


  • 1 -to-1  Classes
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Specially-Designed Textbook
  • Specially-Designed Vocabulary App
  • Introduction to Common Language
Course Fee in Your Preferred Currency
3,500,000 380 275 265

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40 Hours - Beginner Level Course
  • 1 -to-1  Classes
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Specially-Designed Textbook
  • Specially-Designed Vocabulary App
  • Thorough coverage of Common Language
  • Introduction to Formal Language
  • Vocabulary level @ 1,000 words
Course Fee in Your Preferred Currency
6,750,000 730 530 510

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60 Hours (Intermediate Levels)
  • 1 -to-1  Classes
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Specially-Designed Textbook
  • Specially-Designed Vocabulary App
  • Thorough coverage of Common Language
  • Thorough coverage of Formal Language Grammar
  • Vocabulary level @ 1,200 words
Course Fee in Your Preferred Currency
10,000,000 1,080 785 755

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A Few More testimonials from the more than 100 students who have Learned Indonesian Language Online with us…

The school is friendly, offers a wide variety of services. The teachers I met were really helpful and very encouraging. Winda was a wonderful teacher. We started online while I was still in America and I was really glad to be in her class when I arrived in Ubud. She is very patient and never lets any frustration show—even when she has to explain things again and again. She went the ‘extra mile’ for me and brought in a friend to have a conversation with me who was also involved with organic farming. It was really helpful and I gained some really useful vocabulary. I look forward to studying with her again!

Sally Silverstone

Learning online with Cinta Bahasa has been an extremely rewarding experience. The patience, dedication and knowledge of my teacher Daniel is truly exceptional. He was always happy to answer my endless questions and I learned so much more than basic Bahasa Indonesia. Our lessons could include discussions on anything from the culture and social issues of Indonesia to the latest movie. I laughed a lot and learnt a lot! I am very lucky to have had Daniel as my teacher and can’t thank Cinta Bahasa enough for the care and pride they took in ensuring my learning experience was of the highest level. Terima kasih banyak.

Julie Fisher

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