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Cinta Bahasa LogoWhat makes our teaching methodology the best way to learn Indonesian language?

Despite what some people say, you can learn a new language at any age. You don’t need to wish that you were younger, or better at learning (with all the trauma we are subjected to learning language in school) or whatever excuses you may be thinking of to discourage you from learning a new language.

We’re been there too, and our methodology is designed to help you learn as easily, quickly and interestingly as possible.

Firstly, take a course. Less than 5% of people who try to learn a language on their own succeed. You really do need to take a course to get started right. Language is not learned by osmosis. You can live in Indonesia, or anywhere for that matter, for 20 years and still not be able to speak the language. You can learn 5 words a day forever, but you’ll likely forget them when you need them, and you won’t be able to put them together into a sentence.

Secondly, learn common Indonesian first. We teach the Indonesian that is spoken everywhere, and only if necessary, the rare kind of Indonesian that is only used in textbooks or in formal situations.. If you’re serious about learning to communicate in the Indonesian Language with the people around you, you’ve come to the right school. Any other school you go to will teach you formal language, which tangles you up in grammar rules rather than actually learning to speak.

Thirdly, start by learning to speak comfortably and pronounce naturally. Again, most Indonesian Language Schools only teach the kind of formal grammar that will always get in the way of what you really want to say. Students who have learned this way, then come to learn with us, say they felt like they were “Prince Charles speaking like a baby”: arrogant sounding but with a very limited vocabulary. We are the only School in Indonesia that teaches Indonesian language in this way!

Fourthly, use the flash card app and e-learning materials we provide you with for free. The faster you learn the vocabulary, the sooner you’ll be making sentences and putting your language to use. Another thing that sets us apart from other schools is the constant updating of our materials. We are always working to be at the cutting edge of the language. Indonesian language develops rapidly, so if the textbook you are using is more than two years old, it is already very out of date!

Fiftly, learn the way you learn best. You learn in a variety of ways, and we teach using these methods. These methods are suitable for people who find it more effective to learn visually, by seeing pictures or words, by hearing and listening, by speaking, by moving, and by writing.  We also provide a wide range of learning material types which include natural and direct sources such as movies and music, movement, flash cards, semi-structured conversation, and interactive role-playing situations. For a list of things to look for when choosing a language school or teacher, please read this article.

Lastly, go out and practice what you learn each day, with whomever you can speak to in Indonesian. Those schools that teach you formal language first may discourage you from speaking with others because “they can’t understand you yet”, or you’re not “learning how the lower classes speak”. However, the fact you’re being taught a language that is not being used for 90% of how Indonesian people speak. Turn this around and it means that you’re learning what you’ll only hear 10% ( or even perhaps 0%) of the time! If you complete a course only to discover that you can’t understand anybody, and they can’t understand you, then unfortunately the course was useless to you and you need to start again. Hopefully, this hasn’t happened to you and you’re starting learning the right way with us.

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